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Datto Backupify is the leading cloud-to-cloud total data protection platform for software as a service applications. Nearly two million business customers rely on Backupify to protect SaaS data. Users can easily protect Office 365 data in the secure Datto Cloud, and restore lost or corrupted objects in seconds through the intuitive admin interface. Automated backups can be created up to three times daily, and additional backups can be created on demand. Restore single files, objects or complete accounts to get back to business in minutes.

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Why SaaS backup?

As companies increasingly move data into cloud-based applications, many think traditional IT best practices are outdated. After all, SaaS applications are always available, accessible from anywhere and highly redundant.

So, why is backup necessary?

Data in cloud-based applications is vulnerable to:

Viruses or ransomware

End-user deletion

Operational errors such as accidental data overwrite

Lost data due to a cancelled account subscription

Malicious end-user activity

Misbehaving application workflows

Hard disk or storage damage


Top benefits of image-based backup

Outdated backup methods simply can’t keep up with today’s business requirements. Image-based backup is the most innovative, reliable method of safeguarding your business by protecting the critical data on your servers.

  • Restore Lost Files

    The most common cause of SaaS data loss is accidental deletion. Users make mistakes — whether that’s accidentally deleting records, incorrectly mapping fields, or installing third-party apps that overwrite valuable information. SaaS applications are reliable, easy to access and use, but are not people-proof. Even built-in recovery capabilities for SaaS applications are not sufficient to protect business data. If you need to ensure that your business data is available even when the unthinkable happens, then Backupify is the solution for you.

  • Employee Lifecycle Management

    When employees leave, their data is still an asset. To access their data, SaaS applications require you to maintain a paid license. Why waste money on a license for an employee after they leave your organisation? With Backupify, you can archive historical user data based on retention policy, not user license. Moreover, document ownership can be transferred to a new user. Save time and money, and still retain access to all data critical to your business with Backupify.

  • Service Provider Downtime

    When critical apps go down, business stops. This is true even for cloud apps. By having a second, independent copy of your data in Backupify, you’ll be able to access data when you need it most. Your business will continue, even when cloud apps are unavailable.

  • Recover from ransomware attacks

    Ransomware is often thought to be only an on-premises threat, but it does not stop there. No matter how hard you try to prevent it, someone’s PC will get infected with ransomware. If the user syncs files with Google Drive or OneDrive, the ransomware can lock files in the cloud as well. Avoid ransomware with a proper SaaS backup solution such as Backupify and easily restore data to a point in time before your files were encrypted.

Backupify Essentials

Learn more about how backup options may affect your business and the future about the integrity of information.


Backupify is a fully featured SaaS data protection platform. Backupify allows you to access your data without relying on SaaS vendor infrastructure. It is a completely independent, geographically replicated application. If SaaS services go down, Backupify is still available. You can still access your data using the completely independent interface. Our multiple geographically dispersed data centers ensure access you can access data.

Backupify is built with Datto’s innovative technologies including incremental backups, Backup Insights, and end-to-end encryption.

Backupify Architecture

Generally speaking, SaaS vendors do not publish architectures of their solutions under the assumption that customers are not interested. Unfortunately, this means there are many conversations interested customers cannot have with their vendors because the information is not available. We do things differently at Datto.

We love technology and at our core are technology nerds. We push the envelope, and leverage technology in complex, new and different ways. We also like to celebrate these innovations and share the work we do on your behalf. For this reason, we are sharing the high level Backupify architecture and providing an overview of how it works with the secure Datto Cloud.

Datto Backupify is the Most Simple and reliable solution to backup data

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