Security Service Monitoring: What You Need To Know.

Our System Security Heath Check has helped many clients of ours to map their security vulnerabilities and define ROI prevention methods. This is the ultimate cyber threat defense - no more stumbling in the dark.

What is a Cyber Threat ?

A Cyber Threat is an unauthorised attempt to control a system, device or a network using data communications pathways. This attempt may originate from an outside source with undefined location, as well as from within your company. Cyber-crime techniques and methods are fast developing and it takes a definitive and well planned effort to counter them and build a defensive platform that will ensure a fail-safe path you can use to successfully manage your core business operations.

  • Big companies are getting cyber-attacks all the time, spending millions for prevention schemes. But the truth is, nobody is insured from this type of business disruption. However, taking immediate action that analyses your present network setup is key to ensuring vital protection for your corporate assets.

    Adam, CEO at ThreatSpike Labs

Is my system infected or vulnerable ?

The short answer is yes. This is not an educated guess — it is unfortunately a statistic. If you have never implemented a continuous security service monitoring to your company network before, the integrity of your digital data is most likely compromised. Our initial report has shown repeatedly the level of danger a false sense of security can present. Watch more cyber crime insights in the video below.

How hackers get into your system ?

Hackers use a powerful combination of digital tools and knowledge on human psychology to get through to your system. It takes a creative mind and the right approach to properly counter threats of this nature.

  • Malware

    Those are usually pieces of code planted by the hackers and used to extract sensitive information like payment records, passwords, etc. The malware could be planted digitally or, for example, it could be uploaded through a planted USB drive found in the parking lot by one of your employees.

  • Ransomware

    Relatively new method used to steal information or make it inaccessible in the hope that the company targeted will eventually pay money to retrieve it. If you keep information on your corporate servers that you want to keep safe from cyber criminals, it is time to act immediately.

  • Persistent Breach Attempts

    One of the lesser known friends of cyber criminals is persistence. They continuously repeat breach attempts on entry points until a change in the system -- or 'a door left open' by human error -- allows them to get through. It is only a matter of time before it happens to you.

  • Targeting Your Employees

    Hackers use digital tools and psychological tricks to get inside your company thanks to the negligence, recklessness and potential character flaws of your own employees. These breach techniques are extremely difficult to detect and usually are revealed only after some damage has already been done.

  • Network Security Flaws

    These are usually caused by security patches not being applied on time. The time between a patch release and its actual application on relevant systems is the hackers golden time zone - they use this downtime to immediately take advantage. Some of them monitor patch release dates for this exact reason.

  • Stalking and phishing

    One of the worst things that can happen to clients is that they get hacked and only become aware when it is already too late. Hackers can obscure their tracks and use internal accounts to cover their identity. The most dangerous thing about this practice is that it keeps the victim unaware that the data 'flood gate' is open.

Cyber threats and vulnerabilities - How to protect your assets ?

Our experience shows that effective counter measures directly relate to the particular features of your existing network security. However, there are common cyber security issues that arise in virtually all size and type of business:

Track unusual network behavior of employees

Often, hackers use employee accounts to scan for information or plant malware.

Our monitoring process has been perfected in that it filters out all normal network behavior leaving only items that actually carry clues or lead to a potential threat.

Proactive monitoring

Proactive monitoring can track all network movement of data in relation to an identified user. The data extracted from this is used to uncover compromised entry points like hacked user accounts or other suspicious activities.

Real-time system monitoring is especially effective in big companies with many employees holding different ranks and level of access.

Careful examination of any existing issues

As mundane as it sounds, any ongoing issues or suspicious behavior can give invaluable leads on any potential threats and their origin.

This process ensures the eradicating of present threats and gives important insights into the scope, target and prevention of similar threats in the future.

Immediate Updating of core security software

This is one of the most neglected issues in the field of cyber security that can actually save you a lot of time and resources if managed properly. Hackers use the time between important software update releases and when the patch is actually applied to act and successfully break into your data systems.

Security Service Monitoring

Core Advantages

  • Internal processes become transparent for any suspicious activity

    Our methods are very thorough and proven to find issues that need immediate attention. For any given network security access, we can reveal the devices used for that access, where sensitive information is kept, how many valid copies are there and what their origin is. Once this monitoring system is implemented, you will never think of going back to your previous methods.

  • Our 24/7 monitoring services help detect major system issues.

    Our experience shows that even critical issues are not always immediately visible and may only be detectable after careful and continuous network monitoring. Many of our new clients find they have been operating their business on the borderline of being potentially compromised with huge financial and moral damages.

  • Safe networking even with cloud technology

    The increase of the use of cloud services really demands 24/7 security monitoring because of the incredible amounts of data that is being transferred between users, at incredible speed . Conventional methods are now obsolete because they are not designed for the volume and speed of flow of data communication we use in our business today.

  • Appliances take less than an hour to deploy

    Once deployed, the realtime monitoring starts getting valuable data right away that will ultimately help you reduce the cost for cyber protection to the necessary minimum. One massive advantage is the support of our professional forensic team. The forensic cyber security analysts can not only detect the breach point and hackers' path of penetration, but can also detect what information has being compromised or stolen.

  • Continuous monitoring defines the exact cost of cyber security

    When it comes to cyber crime, it is not a matter of whether, but of when. Everyone is targeted all the time, hackers are scanning the web constantly, looking for vulnerabilities. The initial report from our 24/7 system check will reveal all present and potential issues. Based on that report you can plan your cyber security budget accordingly. Maybe your system requires the intervention of a team of cyber security forensics? Our report will show you precisely what is needed.

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